New Player Registration

2021-2022 Season Registration - Now Open

We recognize that it’s a challenging and uncertain time for everyone and we are continuing to monitor COVID-19 developments. SEMI Hockey will continue to monitor conditions and follow all recommendations and guidelines from government agencies and our facilities partners. To the extent that any of this affects the regular hockey season, we will advise all registrants and prepare for prorated fees and/or refunds of payments collected.

New Player Registration

2021-22 Season Registration

New Player Registration Info

  • New player registration opens on June 1st at 9:00am. The Registrar is not processing registrations between 9th-25th. You may send in your registration during that timeframe, however, you may not hear back until the week of July 26th.
  • All registration packages must be emailed to in ONE (1) singular PDF document. Do not send images (jpg, png, etc). Images will not be accepted.
  • The subject of the email should read: BIRTHYEAR - LAST NAME, FIRST NAME (ie: 2016 - Doe, Jane).
  • Incomplete registration packages will not be accepted.
  • Registration packages sent in earlier than the registration date, will not be accepted.
  • Did you know that you can create a PDF document from the 'Notes' app on your iPhone?  CLICK HERE to find out how.

Registration in subsequent seasons are all done online through TeamSnap.

All new players (except 2016 born) are waitlisted until you receive a confirmation email. Register early as divisions typically fill up.  Please follow the below instructions and provide the appropriate documents that pertain to your child(ren):

  1. SEMI Hockey Residential Boundaries: Confirm you reside in SEMI Hockey's residential boundaries: click here to view boundary information,
  2. SEMI Hockey Refund Policy: Read & accept the refund policy: Click here to read SEMI Hockey's Refund Policy,
  3. PCAHA Player Registration Form: Fill out the PCAHA Player Registration Form. A parent must sign the form.
  4. Birth Certificate: Ensure you provide a copy of your players birth certificate (front side only)
  5. Proof of Residency: You must provide 2 proofs of residency with Mother and/or Father's name+address:
    1. ONE of the following full page statement (1st full page only): BC Hydro or Fortis Gas. If you are leasing a home and you don't pay for hydro or gas, you can provide one of the following: phone, cable, or complete lease agreement (all 6 pages signed by all parties). 
    2.  AND ONE of the following full page statements (1st full page only): City of Surrey or White Rock Utility/Water bill, BC MSP invoice, bank/credit card statement, car insurance AND corresponding drivers license. 
    3. All proofs of residency must be current and show a parents full name and address.
  6. Application for Player Movement: If you are transferring from another association, you must complete the Application for Player Movement and have it signed from your previous association. Both parents must also sign the form. All player movements are charged a $25 fee. Skip this step if your player is brand new to association hockey.
  7. Registration fee: Once your registration documentation is received by our Registrar and approved, you will receive a link to complete your registration online. You must complete this online portion of your registration in order to be registered. You will have the option to pay online with a credit card or by e-transfer (details of e-transfer are noted in the online registration). Be patient, it can take 2 weeks+ to receive your email. Player movements and international students may take a couple of months.
  8. Players who were not born in Canada: If your child was born outside of Canada, you must also complete the following:


If your player is a permanent resident of Canada or is a Canadian that was born abroad, please supply the above required docs (P.C.A.H.A. Registration form, copy of birth certificate, 2 x proof of residency as per requirements above) AND each of the following:

    1. IIHF Unlimited Transfer Card Request (complete even if player didn't play in other country)
    2. Under-18 Player Transfer Application LOA (complete even if player didn't play in other country)
    3. Provide child's Permanent Resident card or Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
    4. Copy of valid passport,
    5. Confirmation of primary medical insurance (Personal Health Number/CareCard)
    6. Permission to play - letter from parents


If the child is in Canada on a Student Visa, please supply the above required docs (P.C.A.H.A. Registration form, copy of birth certificate, 2 x proof of residency as per requirements above) AND each of the following:

    1. IIHF Unlimited Transfer Card Request (complete even if player didn't play in other country)
    2. Under-18 Player Transfer Application LOA (complete even if player didn't play in other country)
    3. Copy of valid/current passport,
    4. Copy of valid Study Visa/Permit that is dated until the end of the hockey season/school year,
    5. Confirmation of school registration for current year/season,
    6. Confirmation of primary medical insurance (Personal Health Number/CareCard)
    7. Intl-Students-permission-letter-parents
    8. Intl Students-homestay parents support letter (if applicable),

Incomplete registration packages will not be accepted.  PCAHA requires all required documents in order for associations to start the registration process. Please send all required documents in one email and preferably, one PDF document to with the following in the subject: 'BIRTHYEAR-LAST NAME, FIRST NAME'.

Once your paperwork is processed, you will receive an email with a link to register online via TeamSnap. Please create your account (or log in with your current TeamSnap login information), and register your child.

Fee Schedule  - 2021-22 Season

*Rep tryouts begin as early as September 3rd, 2021*

Birth Year Division Registration Fee* Rep Tryout Fee**
2016 U6 $705 N/A
2015 U7 $745 N/A
2014 U8 $840 N/A
2013 U9 $865 N/A
2011-2012 U11 $945 $250
2009-2010 U13 $970 $250
2007-2008 U15 $970 $250
2004-2006 U18 $970 $250
2001-2003 U21 $510 N/A
Team Fees not included. Teams collect funds from each family to cover additional costs for tournaments, socks, wind-up party, trophies, additional ice, coaches gifts, additional skill training, etc. Fees can range from less than $100 per season to upwards of $2500 depending on your child's team and division. U6-U9 and U11-U18 Recreational C teams can expect lower team fees, where rep teams can expect fees between $1500-$2500 (possibly more if you have a paid coach). Contact the office if you have any questions!


Rep Tryouts are optional. If you declare your intent by registering to tryout, this fee is Non-Refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS

International Students are not eligible to tryout for Rep hockey.

Rep tryouts for U13 and U15 begin on Labour Day Weekend and continue throughout the first couple weeks of September.

Rep tryouts for U11 and U18 will start as early as September 9th, 2021 and continue throughout the following couple of weeks.

Funding opportunities for low-income families are available through KidSportJumpStart A4K.