Division + Team Manager Resources

A hockey team is like a puzzle; every piece is vital

Division + Team Manager Resources

2020-21 Team Gear Flyer - Cyclone Taylor (purchase team socks through Cyclone)

Team Manager Manual 2019-20**not updated for 2020-21 yet**

PCAHA 2019-20 Manual (will update with 2020-21 Manual once received)

If you are planning on being a Team Manager, start by completing the following items:

Team Manager Essentials

Tournament Essentials
    1. BC Hockey Tournament Locator (find & apply for tournaments here).
    2. Get Permission from SEMI Hockey if tournament is OUTSIDE the PCAHA by filling out THIS FORM and sending it to admin@semihockey.ca 30 days in advance (no sooner).  We will email you back the form signed by the SEMI Hockey President and also provide you with a pre-signed BC Hockey travel letter and a copy of your most recent roster.
    3. Request a 'Tournament Permission Number (TPN)' from your PCAHA League Manager 30 days in advance for tournaments within or outside of the PCAHA. Be sure to provide your League Manager all of your team and tournament details.
    4. Send all completed forms with your official Hockey Canada roster, to the tournament host.
    5. If you are travelling out of the PCAHA, be sure to send all documents to the PCAHA (info@pcaha.ca) at least 10 days in advance.
    6. MUST READ: Insurance Coverage for Out of Country Competitions
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