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Safety Personnel Resources

If you are planning on being a Team Safety Officer, start here:

  1. Complete an online Criminal Records Check (must renew every 3 seasons)
    1. If you are unable to complete the online check, please head into your local RCMP branch to get a check done in person. Bring THIS LETTER and 2 pieces of ID.
    2. CLICK HERE for Surrey RCMP locations and hours
    3. CLICK HERE For White Rock RCMP location and hours
  2. Complete the online Respect in Sport Course (use pre-registration code SMH-T2D4W8D) (must renew every 5 years)
  3. Complete the online Concussion Awareness Training Tool - 'Coach' (CATT) course (no expiration date)
  4. Complete the Hockey Canada online safety course (must renew every 3 seasons)

A safe and respectful environment on and off the ice is our standard.

It is the philosophy of SEMI Hockey that all children within our community who wish to learn and improve their skills of hockey should have the opportunity to do so within a safe and respectful environment.
  • It is at the discretion of the Head Coach whether the Safety Person is on the bench or just within easy access to the bench so he/she can attend to a player.
  • The Safety Person is not allowed to Coach and if seen actively coaching, will face disciplinary action at the discretion of the Managing Director.
  • The Safety Person is eligible to be a on-ice helper, but cannot be actively coaching.  That is the job of those with the coaching qualifications.  They are helpers, ie, pushing pucks, keeping players in order etc.
At SEMI Hockey, we work to identify, assess and prioritize risks associated with the game of ice hockey.  Through the promotion and communication of programs and available resources, including volunteer efforts, we aim to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events.  With a combined team effort, we strive to maximize and realize the benefits youth hockey offers. For more information on Safety and Risk Management programs & essentials, see below:
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