COVID Protocols


SEMI Hockey Guidelines Regarding COVID 19 Vaccination Protocols

Provincial Health Office regulations require many of the community and private ice facilities to screen patrons for COVID 19 vaccination status.

These protocols vary by facility, some restrict only spectator entry, some restrict all adults entering, some restrict any entrant over 12 including players.

In consideration of the below facility-based protocols and as part of SEMI Hockey’s commitment to the safety of our players and all of our participants supporting our players, SEMI Hockey will implement and enforce the following COVID 19 safety related protocols above and beyond what each facility mandates:

All rostered Team Officials (Coaches, Assistant Coaches, On-ice Helpers, Safety persons and Team Managers) as well as scorekeepers and timekeepers, are required to have had at least one dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine immediately and must show proof of full vaccination by October 24, 2021.

As children under the age of 12 cannot be vaccinated at this time in BC, in the U15 and older divisions of SEMI Hockey only, Team Officials that do not meet the vaccine requirements may be exempt, if proof of exemption is provided to and accepted by SEMI Hockey’s Executive Director. Any Team Official exempted from the vaccine requirements will be required to follow COVID-19 safeguards, including strict mask and social distancing protocols when interacting with other participants and will also be required to provide SEMI Hockey with COVID-19 test results when asked to do so.

As Team Managers submit their rosters to SEMI Hockey for approval, they will be required to have obtained proof of vaccination status for all Team Officials.  Team Managers will also be responsible for obtaining proof of vaccination for scorekeepers and timekeepers prior to each home game.

We thank everyone for your support and patience as we navigate through this period, sharing our commitment to keeping all of our participants safe and keeping our kids on the ice.


Dave Newson Executive Director and the SEMI Hockey Board

For up-to-date information on Province-wide restrictions, CLICK HERE

For up to date information on vaccine passports, CLICK HERE

Everyone over 5 years of age must wear a face-mask at all of our facilities.

  • City of Surrey facilities require proof of vaccination for all spectators over the age of 12 for scrimmages or games as spectators for those are typically over 50 people.
  • GPF/Planet Ice Delta AND Centennial Arena will require proof of vaccination for all spectators over the age of 12 for all practices, skill sessions, scrimmages and games (all events).
  • Excellent Ice does not require proof of vaccination, unless you are going to their upstairs restaurants (this is subject to change).

Each team must have a COVID Safety Ambassador volunteer assigned to ensure rules are followed and vaccine passports are being verified at scrimmages/games.

At Centennial, Newton and South Surrey, this person must remain at the doors (you can stand inside the arena) to ensure that anyone entering the facility during an event, are being checked. **Note about SSLC below**.

STORING VACCINE INFO: Please click the following link to find out how you can store vaccine information. This is a great idea so you don’t have to check vaccines for each and every practice/game for spectators that are at your practices/games on a regular basis. Storing Vaccine Information

CLICK HERE to download a Vaccine Information template