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2016-17 Teams & Schedules

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Semiahmoo Minor Hockey Association

Name Manager Schedule
X-Team SUZANNE CYR  Schedule
Name Manager Schedule
Atom C1 Lisa Esposito  Schedule
Atom C2 - Black Tigers BRUCE NG  Schedule
Atom C3 - Outlaws CHRISTINE MADDEN  Schedule
Atom C4 - Spartans KIRA ANGUS  Schedule
Atom C5 - The Semi Bandits THEODORE PELLA  Schedule
Atom C6 - Crush JULIE SPENCE  Schedule
Atom C7- Destroyers Tanya Layaoen-Schulz  Schedule
Atom C8 Gurjit Johal  Schedule
Name Manager Schedule
Atom A2 CARLA REID  Schedule
Atom A3 CHAD HIPPSLEY  Schedule
Name Manager Schedule
Bantam C1 JENNIFER HANSEN  Schedule
Bantam C2 TAMSIN LEHN  Schedule
Bantam C3 DARLA SEYLER  Schedule
Bantam C4 DOUG NEUFELD  Schedule
Bantam C5 JOEL SLOFSTRA  Schedule
Bantam C6 Colin Forrest  Schedule
Name Manager Schedule
Bantam A1 TRACEY HENDRY  Schedule
Bantam A2 Andrew Grieve  Schedule
Bantam A3 Isa McAdam  Schedule
Name Manager Schedule
EMS Academy Tanner Murray  Schedule
Name Manager Schedule
H1 Team 1 - BRUINS Amar Deol  Schedule
H1 Team 2 - CANUCKS White Kevin McLaughlin  Schedule
H1 Team 3 - CANUCKS Blue Jayson Burden  Schedule
H1 Team 4 - BLACKHAWKS Rick Clark  Schedule
Name Manager Schedule
H2 Team 1 - PENGUINS SUZANNE CYR  Schedule
H2 Team 2 - Titans JEN CUMMING  Schedule
H2 Team 3 - Fireballs TIEN VERSTRAETE  Schedule
H2 Team 4 - Canucks Blue MARGO LAWRENCE  Schedule
H2 Team 5 - Canucks JULIA GOOD  Schedule
Name Manager Schedule
H3 Team 1 KAM DHALIWAL  Schedule
H3 Team 2 Taylor Kwon  Schedule
H3 Team 3 Pamela Kennedy  Schedule
H3 Team 4 Anne Marie Zemrau  Schedule
H3 Team 5 Shelley Webb  Schedule
H3 Team 6 Amy Ross  Schedule
Name Manager Schedule
H4 Team 1 - Semiahmoo Stealth Line Grantham  Schedule
H4 Team 2 - ATTACK Charissa Martin  Schedule
H4 Team 3 - Semiahmoo Reign Mike Schmidt  Schedule
H4 Team 4 - Swamp Rabbits Angela Beljanski  Schedule
H4 Team 5 - Blades Kathy Miller  Schedule
H4 Team 6 - SteelDogs Jennifer Allen  Schedule
Name Manager Schedule
Juvenile C1 Arlene Jansen  Schedule
Juvenile C2 MICHELLE ROBERTSON  Schedule
Name Manager Schedule
Midget C1 Yvette Paton  Schedule
Midget C2 KIRSTEN EVANISH  Schedule
Midget C3 Angela de Ruiter  Schedule
Midget C4 Sylvie DOERKSEN  Schedule
Midget C5 Anita CAREW  Schedule
Name Manager Schedule
Midget A1 Brian Cheng  Schedule
Midget A2 Karen Neveu  Schedule
Midget Senior Program RHONDA CEDAR  Schedule
Name Manager Schedule
Pee Wee C2 Hawks KEN MCALLISTER  Schedule
Pee Wee C3 - Semihamoo Savages RYAN WILLIAMS  Schedule
Pee Wee C4 - Doug and the Slugs LUISA MANZI  Schedule
Pee Wee C5 - Spartans KIRA ANGUS  Schedule
Pee Wee C6 Semi Crusaders ERIN DRAKE  Schedule
Name Manager Schedule
Pee Wee A1 DAL NAGER  Schedule
Pee Wee A2 Nicole Lawson  Schedule
Pee Wee A3 Bernie Spak  Schedule
Pee Wee A4 Brad Briscoe  Schedule